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Moongood Prior version had a vest pocket which was convenient place for phone and or iPad. Should have kept it.

Barry After searching around for a winter/fall/spring wind piece, finally landed on this one. This is the update to Pearl Izumi's Vagabond jacket ($100), which IMO looks better but this one is on sale. I found reviews for this at [...] and that ultimately was the deciding factor. I wanted a jacket that has mesh back or side zipper, a large or numerous back pockets, pockets on the front, bright safety colors, durable design, zip off sleeves, and packable in the back of a jersey pocket.As you can see I demanded a lot, b/c this is quite possibly the most used and important piece for a cyclist. The details/description doesn't say a lot. This has a front napoleon pocket for maybe a cellphone or money, two side pockets, and a large back pocket that can fit quite a few things. One con immediately, all the zippers besides the front zipper are extremely small, and though I haven't jammed it, seems like it will. Why didn't they use the same zipper on all of them? This is especially true when trying to unzip the back pocket with gloves on, it is simply too tiny, but the pros overweigh this. Another thing the description doesn't say is that inside the jacket are interior pockets. 2 side pockets and 2 back. This is a thin pocket, you really can't put things in both the exterior as well as the interior pockets at the same time unless it's something really thin. The interior back pockets seems like it'd great for the zip off sleeves. Also, [...] review mentioned this, but the stitching for these pockets seem pretty week, as they are all this mesh material rather than just polyester. The napoleon pocket for example, I feel like putting my blackberry in there it might fall off. One reviewer on [...] mentioned that she stitched the pocket in more places to secure it so I'm going to try that. I'm 6'0 170 lbs and a large fit me rather well, sleeves were long enough to ride in the drops, but I do wish the length was about an inch longer. XL would be much too big and the material would flap in the wind. The front zipper is really well made and never jams, I tried the Performance transformer in store and boy does that zipper jam, it feels like it would rip off at any moment, just like the reviews said. It's almost night and day between that and this jacket. I'm surprised that no one else has reviewed this product yet. This is very durable, though I can't say the same about the side and back pockets, the material seems very well made, very wind resistant, haven't rode this in the rain. I took this out on a 3 hour ride in 27 degree weather, with a compression baselayer and a polyester long sleeve piece and this jacket and all the rest gloves, facemask etc and I never felt the chill once with this jacket. It is simply that versatile, I can see myself using this just about all year round save the summer b/c you can zip off the sleeves. I plan to spray some water resistant guard on this to make it more weather friendly in spring, this piece will be in my wardrobe for many seasons to come.

guy2600 I bought this jacket last month and have nothing but good things to say about it. I did a century ride in the White mountains today with 20 mph winds at 45 degrees. I never felt the wind nor did the jacket ever feel wet from perspiration, it wicks well and dries very fast! The sleeves zip off in a snap though it takes longer to put them back on. The fabric is very supple and everything seems well made. A bit pricey but worth it imo...

ptaylor I bought this jacket last month and have nothing but good things to say about it. I did a century ride in the White mountains today with 20 mph winds at 45 degrees. I never felt the wind nor did the jacket ever feel wet from perspiration, it wicks well and dries very fast! The sleeves zip off in a snap though it takes longer to put them back on. The fabric is very supple and everything seems well made. A bit pricey but worth it imo...

travisn I used this shell on the MS-150 ride this past weekend. The weather wasn't cooperative but this jacket kept me dry for 20 miles of pea-soup fog, mist, spray and rain. Then I wore it for 80% of the next 130 miles to cut the chill out of the wind. I broke the sleeves/cape off for a bit when things got a little warmer or faster and I was comfortable for the entire ride. This is an expensive garment for me but I don't regret picking it up. Hopefully I'll get years of use out of it.

I'm 6'4", 185# and the sizing (Large) barely worked for me though I won't be able to layer up in cooler weather.

wait_4_me So this is the 2011/2012 version of the jacket. They've dropped a pocket (the napoleon / chest pocket) but enhanced the zippers (easier to grab gloved and also do not hang/stick as much). Side by side with the old one, it feels thinner, but just as strong. It's nice and bright and the color matches perfectly against my RUSeen visibility vest.

I wish it had better pockets, like either bringing the chest pocket back, or putting the sleeve storage on the inside and putting a 2 or 3 part cycling pocket on the back (with grommet drain holes or something.

Would recommend for anyone, road or offroad so that you can been seen. I agree that I wish they had done a better job putting more reflective piping, but as mentioned, I have another super reflective vest by RUSeen that tackles that, so this just lets me add thin sleeves when needed.

Note that while it says 3 pocket - it's really only "2" for argument's sake. Two normal side pockets. The rear pocket is side loading and really only designed as sleeve storage (so I honestly don't think it should count). BTW, the zippers on these pockets hide away well, so if you don't see them, just hunt around the seeming for a bit and you'll find them to know where they are.

I honestly like the style and pockets of the old one better, but as mentioned - zippers can be make it or break it - and that's what happened. Old style zippers are very small and catch a lot, so went with the new style.

I'm 5'10", 160lbs and trim with longer than normal arms (34"). The medium fits perfectly and the sleeves have just enough excess for when you are stretched out in the drops.

Ten S Star I bought this jacket (for my husband) primarily for the visibility factor and was greatly surprised at how much you get for your money. The wind flap in back can be secured with three velcro strips, the sleeves remove to become a vest, it has two front hand-warmer pockets (my Canari doesn't have any pockets!), and it offers wind and water protection.

The only CON is that the Napoleon pocket only has three stiches securing it. I had to sew it a little more securely, just in case it is needed to carry something more than sleeves or GOO.

Overall a great value for the money. Very impressed.

Cannondale Rider This is a nice light jacket for fall or spring riding, when it's not too cold. It does block the wind, but the fit is looser than I expected, so there's some flapping. I haven't really tested water-resistance yet. In a 30-minute ride in intermittent rain and drizzle, water beaded up on the surface without coming through. I haven't seen how it performs in heavier, sustained rain yet. The main caution is that it's very light. You won't be able to use it very far into winter.

Michigan Rider Just used this jacket on the Leelanau Harvest tour in Northern Michigan. The weather was cool to start and warmed as the day went on making the jacket very useful. The wind was pretty strong coming of Lake Michigan and the surrounding inland lakes. The jacket helped a great deal to block the wind and keep me warm. The construction is very good and I like the zipper and flap. Other jackets tend to snag the fabric flap as you use the zipper. This jacket doesn't have that problem since the flap is coated in a rubber material that won't snag. I was using the zipper a great deal to regulate my temp during the ride as conditions changed. The overall fit is snug which I think is true for most Pearl Izumi products. The sleeves are a little tighter on the forearm then I would like. However, the overall snug fit stops the ballon or flapping of material. Overall a great buy.

James - Randonneur I love this jacket. It does a lot of things real well. Its great in warm weather(sleeves off-use as vest)to cold, to wet. It wont keep you dry in a torrential downpour but it works in any rain up to that. (Note: I live in OR) Its also a pretty decent wind block layer. With a good wool jersey in cold weather, or a thin wool base layer in cool weather it cant be beat. Its also very light and packable. On top of that its hideously reflective but who cares about winning a fashion show? - I'm cycling, I want to be seen. If I had to nit pick, the sleeve zippers could be a bit sturdier. I guess the best thing I could say is I got it on sale but I would still pay full price for a replacement if needed.


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Pearl Izumi Men’s Elite Barrier Conve…

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