Levi’s Men’s 505 Regular Fit Short

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h Levi's products in general and these shorts in particular are bread-and-butter, unapologetically non-designer American products. Essential Apparel gets them to your door at a fair price and easily through the internet. What's not to like ?

JoeyJingles I grew up in a time when Levi's did not make all the cuts of jeans they do now and my big legs would only fit in Wrangler's. I found these 505 jeans a couple years ago and have been very pleased with them and they have become my favorites.

As a person who is older now and without the legs of youth I wanted a jeans short that might be stylish and yet hide some of what I showed off in the past. These 505 jeans fit that need very well due to their cut and design. Leg openings on these jeans is big enough to move without restriction yet seems to taper and fit close to your skin as they go down giving a sleek look.

Length is just above the knee giving the cooling effect of shorts but with a small degree of modesty. These shorts can be dressed up or down as you choose and look great with sneeks.

Getting your wallet out of the rear pockets is quick and easy because of pocket size and placement. Front pockets are ideal in size being neither too small or too deep so that retrieving your keys is quick.

Belt loops are big and even the thickest belt will fit through them.

Levi's are machine wash and dry and iron well if a dressed look is needed. They are long wearing and retain their color for many years. These 505 shorts deserve a place in your drawers and come highly recommended.

Duckworthy They're Levis blue jeans, for crying out loud! Need I say anything more? Ah, Levis blue jeans...the greatest thing ever...

Jenny They're Levis blue jeans, for crying out loud! Need I say anything more? Ah, Levis blue jeans...the greatest thing ever...

Mesaron The problem with all jean shorts is that the inseam is too long. These hit me at the knees. I have my wife raise the inseam to about 7 inches compared to the nine inches. I may be old fashion but when I buy shorts I want them to look like and feel like shorts when you wear them. All brands of jean shorts seem to come with 9 inch inseams.

Brad Romeril I wear them around the house and garden, and when I go for walks in the summer.It's very comfortable and a good fit for me. The leg length is just above the knee which is what I like in denim shorts. Like all denim, it can be a bit warm to wear when the weather is hot.

Anonymous I couldn't find this particular brand of Levi shorts in any of the local stores. I found them at a very reasonable price online. My order arrived the very next day! I was so pleased, and I will use Zappos again when I need to make a purchase online!

Fuzz & Shorti The Levi's men's shorts were perfect for my husband. Delivery time was as stated. I needed to reorder around the beginning of September and the shorts were not available, and as of today they are still not available. :-(

Jim The button hole is so small on 1 pair I have a hard time fastening or removing. The other pair is very baggy bellow the waist line.

These shorts are not the Levi quality I am accustom to.

Jonesey Sleek fitting without being too tight. Looks great on my hard to please husband. Ordered on the web - hard to find on the store shelves. Definitely will purchase this item again.


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Levi’s Men’s 505 Regular Fit Short

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