Carhartt Men’s Shortsleeve Workwear H…

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barch68 The same comments and assessments apply to all 9 items purchased. They were all the same brand tee shirts.

Oil & Gas Texan I will buy these again and again for my husband. He works in oil & gas and gets pretty dirty, but these durable Tees stand up to the test of wash after wash - without shrinking and without loosing their true color!

Dick the Warehouseman Pocket is useful

Not too heavy for the summer and not too light for the winter (I work in a small warehouse)

Comfortable fit and very durable

ZadZack Pocket is useful

Not too heavy for the summer and not too light for the winter (I work in a small warehouse)

Comfortable fit and very durable

Repairshop My husband is a Professional Automotive Technician and works on all types of vehicles and gets very dirty some days. These are the only t-shirts I recommend! They can take about anything! They are heavy duty so they don't rip or change sizes, they don't stretch out and they show very little stains. I just spray them with a little shout and put them in the washer at night and they come out just as good as new. They are great t-shirts! Like I said earlier, the only work wear t-shirts I would recommend!

Oxley I first bought 2 of these pocket T-shirts. Size L. My chest is 40 and I can vary between a medium and a large. I buy my large T-shirts because I like them a little baggy. The first order of large shirts was way to big for me. My brother is an extra large and it fit him so I gave them to him. I made a second order for medium shirts and they too were way to big for me and they fit my brother except the sleeves were a little too short but I gave them to him also.

cpeng Im not sure if I just got a bad batch of shirts from Carhartt, but I have to be honest with this review. I have never had any problems with any Carhartt product until I bought some of these workwear t-shirts. I wore them and washed them for the first time and noticed a small hole on 2 of the 3 t-shirts. I dont know what happened, but I hope it was just a small glitch and not a continuing trend. Otherwise, these shirts feel great and are light!

UnkleLarry Like the guy above says they run big but have a lot of ups. They do have a unique fit to. I typically wear XL, have 44/45 chest, big shoulders and not big arms. This shirt fits my circus performer frame great if I go w/ a large. Its actually my favorite fit. The cotton is heavy weight like 2x a Beefy T and the pocket is great for shades or paper and a pen for writing down measurements and other numbers ;>)

Great quality I've been wearing these T's for 25 years, along with other Carhartt work wear but sometimes the local retailer either doesn't have my size or the colors I want.

They may cost a few bucks more, but price and value don't have much in common. You get what you pay for.

Much simpler to order over the internet, I know if you have my size and color choice in stock, and the T's are at my door in a few days.

MA_Skier First, Carhartt tees run large. I wear a medium normally, but a medium Carhartt tee fits like a large on me (hangs loosely, bottom hem falls well below my waist). Second, this is supposed to be a short sleeve t-shirt but the sleeves end up going down to my elbows almost like a mid-sleeve baseball shirt. Its wearable, but I dont love this t-shirt.


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Carhartt Men’s Shortsleeve Workwear H…

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